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Sheet Processing Plant

Sheet Processing Plant


Sheet Processing Plant
ul. Wrobela 17
30-798 Kraków
tel.: +48 12 312 45 17
fax: +48 12 312 45 24

Production profile

The Sheet Processing Plant in Cracow offers services comprising of the cross-cutting of coil steel to sheets. The company aspires to deliver to the customer a semi-finished product as a sheet of ordered dimension. In addition, the customer, receiving the ordered format of sheets gives a measurable profit: a saving of material and time.

The plant has a professional cutting line, which ensures the cut sheets are characterised by a high accuracy of length, repeatability and flatness. The line is adapted to cut black and zinc plate. The quality of sheet bought, and of services provided, is guaranteed by the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000, which we implement.

Please, feel encouraged to buy plates of the dimensions you demand - not only the standard ones. We also offer the cutting service of provided material. You are sure to obtain complex and professional service not only of cutting but also of material storing, handling and transporting.

All steel sheets cut in our plant are characterised by:

  • Precision of length and width (0 + 2 mm),
  • Flatness depending on width and thickness, compliant with PN-EN 10131,
  • Packing with anticorrosive paper,
  • Protection with latitudinal and longitudinal hoops,
  • Protection with plastic corners,
  • Wood pallet

Cutting parameters:
Thickness: 0.5 - 2 [mm]
Width: up to 1260 [mm]
Length: up to 4000 [mm]
Max. coil weight: 10 [t]
Min. inside diameter of coil: 500 [mm]
Max. outside diameter of coil: 1290 [mm]

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