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General information

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We have built Konsorcjum Stali S.A. thanks to our ability to work together. We began 25 years ago, trading in construction materials and steel. Fifteen years ago, three companies selling metallurgical products: Stalko, Stal-Hurt and Budo-Market merged to form one large entity – Konsorcjum Stali (Steel Consortium). In December 2007 we successfully entered the Stock Exchange in Warsaw.

Our ability to work together was appreciated by the stockholders of Bodeko from Zawiercie, one of the leaders in the steel market. The owners of Konsorcjum Stali and Bodeko decided to combine both businesses to be able to provide a more varied offer to our customers. Konsorcjum Stali and Bodeko have already worked together closely for one year. We are not only a large listed company, but also one of the major distributors and steel processing plants in Poland. We are sure that the combination of experience and skills of the employees of Bodeko and Konsorcjum Stali will ensure not only the success of stockholders of both companies, but also of our customers.

We have eleven selling branches: in Warsaw (Ursus), in Białystok, Chojnice, Cracow, Lublin, Poznań, Radom, Rzeszów, Wrocław, Zawiercie and in Marki near Warsaw. We also have three construction reinforcement production plants (one in Pruszków, one in Poznań and one in Wrocław), and two a steel structures plants in Warsaw-Rembertów and Radom.

From 2012, we launched a very modern the plate cutting service centre in Krakow, whose products are offered by our sales offices.

We are professionals. Our modern warehousing facilities and state-of-the-art machines enable fast order processing. We have all the necessary certificates and supply goods throughout Poland. Thanks to the fact that we are a large and reliable company, we offer superior quality products at affordable prices.

From a local leader we have evolved into one of the major distributors of steel in Poland. Our success is not only a merit of a number of independent entrepreneurs who were able to join their efforts in order to set up a larger company with an improved system of management. It is also a merit of our customers who chose Konsorcjum Stali. Thank you for the existing partnership and for your confidence that we have enjoyed. We are developing thanks to you and for you.

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